Post company Loads, Jobs, Products & Contracts

Provide online training or lectures about Six Sigma, I.O.T. Manufacturing, Logistics and Procurement.

Network with industry contacts, suppliers, lawyers, & carriers

Build & Improve supply chain redundancies & retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once you sign up?

We will book you in with an implementation expert to run you through the setup and have the system configured to suit your business.

How long is implementation?

Implementation time will vary based on the size of your business. Setting up a single account can be completed in minutes, but larger integration will require between 15 to 30 business days. This allows time for data integration, team training, and test runs.

Is technical support included?

Yes, our customer support team will be available to help you. If you have any questions, browse our resources page first and reach out to us if you do not find the answers you need.

What features does the app provide?

The Digibution Network app provides the ability to enter in your bookings for the day (or future days), optimize the route, track your team members and share you live location with your customers. It’s available on IOS and Android.

Can I manage everything from my phone?

Yes. Everything you can do on our website you can do on our app essentially making it the only thing you need to use to manage your drivers.

Can I share my live location on our website?

Yes. You can give your live tracking link there using which your live location will be easily viewable by anyone with the link.