How does it work?

Create a profile and network with suppliers, lawyers, carriers, factoring companies, manufacturers & more.

Explore the various options we offer within our Supply Chain Eco-system. Sell, auction or rent any supply chain related product, item, lecture or service.

All while sending your contacts a meeting time, a counter offer, post loads, hiring carriers, receiving & offering business deals, contracts, MOU’s or just receiving up to date supply chain market data and news plus, so much more. 

Digibution Network

Super easy to use.

Crystal clear Directories, Lead Generation tools, Book meetings, Current Offers, Get Quotes, Find Jobs & Sell products all in the palm of your hand

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the largest blockchain, lead generator and intermediary for the Logistics & Procurement parts of the supply chain.

High quality Leads & Contacts.

We strive to provide the best funnel tools that will generate premium leads.

By asking the correct industry leading questions that will discover the needs of your potential client.

Which not only will save you time, but build better value for the lead creator & any potential customer.