Our goal is to provide our users with the most robust supply chain ecosystem in the palm of your hand.

We are a company that specializes in providing seamless and efficient solutions for all of your supply chain needs.

We believe our Digibution platform has come up with a unique solution that will help your company build a stronger & more resilient supply chain network.

Flexible and Easy Features

Lead Generation Tools

Our supply Chain Lead generation tools are designed to ask specific questions that will funnel high quality qualified leads & will save our users time.

Current Tools:

Port , Intermodal, Material Handling, Transportation, Insurance, Roadside & Repair Assistance, Commercial Real Estate, Software, Containers, Suppliers , Carriers, Freight Bill Auditors, Charter & School Buses.

Job, Training, & Load Boards ( Coming Soon)

Find Freight, Parcel, FTL & LTL loads on our Load boards.

Also post & find jobs within the various parts of the supply chain on our job board.

Upload, create, & sell your own lectures or training course within the supply chain.

Teach & certify students with lessons that you specialize in.

Direct Offers (coming Soon)

Do you see a company or person you want to work with?

Send them a direct offer with terms that could be negotiated & countered by both parties.

Then send payment directly to the party or transfer the funds into our escrow coin until the job is complete.

All from your Profile page.

Feed: (Coming Soon)

Choose to post your leads, direct offers, videos or photos to the rest of the network on our active feed.

Announce deals, jobs, products for sale, supplies needed, or current issues within the supply chain, Like port congestion or new laws etc.

Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Escrow Coin (Coming Soon)

Built on the blockchain for transparency.

Send direct offers to anyone. Offers can be negotiated within our created smart contracts.

Transfer funds into our escrow coin that doesn’t fluctuate with the market. You than will be able to disperse funds all at once or in percentages.

Depending on agreed terms of the contract.

Create actual “ Memorandum of Understanding” or Legal binding Contracts.

Product, Rental & Auction Market Place (Coming Soon)

Sell, Auction or Rent out your various products like ( Cars, Trucks, Gloves, Lifts, Conveyor belts, Software, or Service, etc.) on our marketplace.