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Your team can be notified about leads, loads, contracts, & meetings with one click.

Digibution Network.com is a new app, platform & software that will change the game for lead generation, sales, and transparency within the supply chain.

Digibution Network

Who We Are

Digibution Network is a new app, platform & software that will change the game for lead generation, sales, and transparency within the supply chain.

You will be able to utilize our platform to promote & sell your supply chain specialization & create funnels for better customer acquisition & training.

Supply Chain Management Software

What part of the supply chain do you need ?

  The Digibution platform, helps you choose from multiple options within the supply chain. Such as our Interactive Directories of Software, Factoring, Loan Brokers, Insurance, Lawyers, Procurement agents,  Parcel & Freight loads,  Jobs & Training Boards or our Supply chain Market place. Select according to your requirement.

Supply Chain Marketplace, Procurement & Logistics data

  Our Digibution Network software helps the supply chain find seamless data about loads, suppliers, carriers, freight brokers, agents, insurance brokers, procurement agents, lawyers, accountants, software, material handling & more.

Transparency helps in optimizing the procurement & logistics part of the delivery process by providing better deals on supplies, manufacturing, routes, possible tariffs, taxes, leads & inspections. 

Companies have to compete for your business.  Allowing representatives of each company to post their current deals or offers, To generate leads & interest.

This software can be used for a variety of different purposes, including:

  • Finding new business opportunities
  • Assigning loads to drivers
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketplace, Job Board, Training (Lectures)
  • Improve your avg. pay rate. By posting amount or negotiating digitally. 

Find products, leads, deals & contacts.

 Our supply chain management platform software that helps in the monitoring and control of the procurement & logistics of goods.

It is important to note that this software can be used by both individuals and businesses.

Our Job board can be used to find info about available jobs within the supply chain. 

Carriers can post type of deals and routes they’re looking for.  How much CPM per lane (mkt. avg.) they’re willing to accept per load or by contract.

Companies also use Digibution to track their deal flow, contracts, products, sales, shipments, as well as to monitor leads. The benefits of using our supply chain management software are that it helps businesses save time and money.

Digibution Network


Digibution Network enables your client-focused business to create stronger supply chain contacts, collaborations, & sale funnels.

Paperless Bookings:

Create multiple lead generation campaigns and customers will be able to book a meeting, send a deal, create M.O.U.’s & contracts directly.

So you need a system to help organize your deal flow & customer’s bookings.

Team Rooms:

Stop calling your team! Just group message the team in a private room, send legal documents, negotiate a deal, send & accept payment, and receive status updates from a desktop, phone all while on the road.

Save Time and Money :

Every part of a deal could be handled on our platform from networking, product research, procurement, training, direct contact, payment, negotiating terms, fulfillment.

That’s how you’ll save time, money and your business will grow.

The only app your business need to build a stronger supply chain network.

Plan your companies A & B. Build your network of suppliers, carriers, loan brokers, insurance agents, commercial real estate agents, procurement, software or material handling. 

Prepare for any potential company issues by having the right relationships within the supply chain.    

Our Service

The new standard in building a resilient Supply Chain & Network. 


Load, Training & Job Boards Interactive Directories

Post your companies LTL, FTL, Intermodal, Reefer, flat bed, Food delivery, Parcel, Towing Jobs, Lectures & Loads.

Post your companies contact info, deals, rebates, products, agents, brokers, videos on our interactive directories.

All Brokers, Agents, Teachers,

Suppliers & Carriers.  Join now

Product Market Fit

Find product market fit by networking with like minded people within the supply chain of your industry.
Announce your product, deal, offer or service on the digibution network and let people know what you’re offering and at what terms.

Product, Rental & Auction Marketplace

Sell, Auction or rent your Truck, software, conveyor belt, gloves, service, training, loads, property.


Sending Payments

 Why Choose Digibution?

  • Post Loads, Jobs, Offers
  • Directories of industry Suppliers, Manufacturing, Lawyers, Carriers, Software, Procurement, Insurance, Audit & Factoring companies.
  • Send Direct Smart Contract MOU’s and Offers
  • Save 70% of time
  • Quality Lead Generation
  • BlockChain = Transparency
  • Sell Lectures, products, services or provide rentals

Getting Paid

Perfect for Lead Generation & Building relationships within the supply chain. 

Directories of industry leading enterprises and various small business of suppliers, carriers, lawyers, jobs, available training, accountants, financing all in the palm of your hand. 

Current offers, Avg. Port fees, Job Board

Reliable Partner

Lead Generation Software

Powerful app through which you can accept/reject bookings of meetings, how much you pay for each lead and also send direct offers & updates to and from potential clients or companies.